Chemicals from Russia and Belarus flood Poland.  “This is destroying our market.”

Russia has vast resources of basic raw materials needed for the chemical industry. No other country has such large quantities of this raw material. In addition, Russia is a major power in the production of many other chemical raw materials – reports the economic portal

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PhosAgro, one of Russia’s leading chemical companies, plans to increase production of chemicals used in agriculture. According to the website, until 2026 The Russians will work to increase production of fertilizers and materials used in their production, as well as chemicals used as feed additivesBy 12%, that is, in terms of mass, it gives 1.4 million tons. As if that wasn’t enough, Russian companies have cheap energy.

impact? While the European chemical industry is going through a crisis, Russian business is booming. Dr. Tomas Zielinski, President of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industries, warns against this The influx of chemical products from Russia is destroying the Polish market.

Kamil Majzak, President of Kymetika (formerly Sitch), refers to the flow of salt from Belarus to Poland, but points out that more and more manufactured products also come from Russia – we read in According to industry representatives, it is necessary to extend the sanctions and strengthen their oversight and enforcement.

“Europe is collapsing.” The industry is preparing for a statement

That is why the chemical industry is preparing a Chemical Industry Statement addressed to national authorities and the European Union, because the competitiveness of Polish companies is also affected by the flow of chemical compounds from China to the European Union.

Today, Europe is simply collapsing, and China is in a wonderful position – Zelensky said. “We need to look at the elements that are important for us to be competitive,” he added.

She added that they say that the United States is innovation, China is imitation, and the European Union is regulation.

Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Milos Mutica admitted that the Green Deal requires changes not only in agriculture, but also in environmental protection.

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