March 24, 2023


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Check out the trailer for 1899, the new series from the makers of Dark

Check out the trailer for 1899, the new series from the makers of Dark

The makers of Dark are gearing up for a new original crime drama series on Netflix. What will be the year 1899 and when?

1899, the new series from the creators of Dark

For the biggest fans of Netflix, the topic of the 1899 series should not come as a surprise, as the first information about it appeared some time ago. However, it was necessary to wait for the start of the advertising campaign that we are dealing with now.

There are a few Netflix productions that don’t cause much controversy and are rated very high by almost everyone. Darkness is one of the exceptions, and its creators are also later than 1899. This is undoubtedly positive information. The new series is referred to as a detective story, but it appears that it will have dramatic and horror features as well. The plot will focus on the fate of immigrants on a ship bound for New York. It’s just that something will change this course, and thus a series of mysterious events that the heroes will have to oppose.

1899 – Trailer

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International staff in 1899, with a Polish accent

Jantje Friese and Baran Bo Odar strongly emphasize the fact that the series has succeeded in engaging an international cast. This is to fit the plot well, plus the characters will speak in their native languages.

The screen will include Emily Beecham, Aneurin Barnard, Andreas Beechmann, Lucas Lingard Tonsen, Rosalie Craig, Jan Gale and Anton Lesser. There will also be a Polish accent, because in 1899 he will also show Maciej Musiał.

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“1899 is a truly European series. Its heroes come from different countries and speak their native language. We were lucky to find talented actors from all over the world who agreed to embark on this exciting journey with us.” – Jantje Friese, writer, producer and showrunner for the series

What is the date of the premiere of the 1899 series?

benefit? We won’t have to wait long for the premiere, because it’s planned for next month. The 1899 series will premiere on Netflix on November 17. Eight episodes have been planned, all of which will be released on the same day.


Source: Netflix Polska, Photo: Rasmus Voss / Netflix