June 8, 2023


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Charles LaFortune says he is hurt by Julie Le Breton’s words

Charles LaFortune visited the Stephen Bureau set Friday evening for the last show of the first season. An upside down world.

Last March, the presenter returned to the words of Julie Le Breton, who had a sharp comment on the daily series on the microphone of 93.3 FM.

It’s level below! It’s sausage! » she specifically said. “At some point, I apologize to my friends who play in it, but you’re on tour every day, it’s one time, it’s non-stop, texts coming out, talking heads! »

Daily Maker InsecureCharles LaFortune responded to his fellow actress: “ It hurt me because Julie, I started with her in Vatado, she was my blonde, but I won’t go there. »

Here, in Québécor, we did Laurier Gaudreult Woke Up: 16.2 days in one-hour episodes, while with Indéfendable, we did 120 episodes in 153 days. It’s not the same paradigm “, he notes.

He adds: ” The thing is, you have to make a difference between art, entertainment, big popular television, you can’t always do Laurier Gaudreult because you don’t have the means, sometimes, it’s important to make it undeniable, because Indéfendable makes it possible to pay a good part of Laurier Gaudreult. . »

The producer also mentions that he employs many actors in his daily life. ” That’s what sausage is: feeding the troops “, jointly launch Bizz and Stéphan Bureau.

Note that the finalInsecure Many of the expected surprising elements are included. More details here.

We also learned Bad Me Boileau will return in any environment.

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