Charles LaFortune pays tribute to his son on his 21st birthday

Mathis, the son of Charles Lafortune and Sophie Prégent, celebrates his 21st birthday this Sunday, December 18.

His proud dad posted a message on his personal Facebook page to highlight this important milestone.

Today is our mother’s birthday. He is 21!!!!!! Happy birthday to you, big boy!!! Well, you already have your answer to “How old are you?” That should be changed. We are going to bug you for the next few weeks… you are going to tire us out…. In the end, maybe you’re right… does it matter that much? ” wrote Charles Lawford.

Earlier this week, during a media briefing with the team the voiceCharles Lafortune gave us news of Mathis and was moved Before time passes quickly.

I can’t believe he’s 21! In my head, it’s still a little kid The host and producer exclaimed.

Charles Lafortune told us that his son is currently in his final year at À Pas de Giant (Giant Steps), a school dedicated to the education of people with autism. ” Then, it falls to the adults “, he noted.

For now, Mathis is known to the public through the documentary series Autism, age soon, in 2019 – still lives with his parents. He was not yet sufficiently independent, Charles Lafortune told us, to co-ordinate the house of the Viero & Lewis Foundation at Warrens. We know that the latter creates a living environment tailored to the needs of autistic adults aged 21 and over.

Mathis will be with us until the end. He needs a lot of support “, Charles explained, while noting that his family and he will be on vacation during the holidays.

Charles Lafortune and Sophie Prégent have launched the Autiste & major Foundation, which works to finance projects dedicated to the development and emancipation of autistic people (education, integration into the workplace, day centers, etc.). Various initiatives to raise donations for the foundation included the sale of Pasteur brand Italian herbal ketchup available in grocery stores, the sale of sugar cubes at St-Hubert Rotisserie and the sale of delicate pendant necklaces. You can find out more on the Autistic & Major Foundation website, here.

Also, Charles LaFortune is producing Insecure (Whose last season, last Thursday, left us speechless), revealed to us the identity of the two actors joining the cast of the series. Learn more here. We are also talking to you Here And Here Huge revenue the voice In VAT.

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