Charles III: King quietly deletes news Prince Harry defends Meghan Markle

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went public with their relationship in 2016, their history has been marked by controversy and tension within the royal family. Prince Harry then took a stand to defend Meghan against media attacks he saw as racistRemember Glass. Recently, an unexpected gesture by King Charles III brought back this period that we thought belonged to the past.

In November 2016, Prince Harry issued a statement through Kensington Palace Communications Secretary Jason Knauf. He condemned this press release.Racial hatred“Press articles targeting Meghan Markle. The news was published in response to a series of media attacks, including an article from Sunday MailTitle “Harry’s girlfriend is (almost) straight from Compton: his mother’s gang-run house is revealed – will he come over for tea?“. The Prince expressed his concern for Meghan’s safety and his deep disappointment at his inability to protect her.

Prince Harry’s statement was mysteriously deleted

Roy Charles III and Prince William. In his book, changeHarry reveals that His father and brother worried about the negative image it might give themdid not protect their wives in the same way.

He knows commentators will say it’s a ‘price to pay’ and ‘it’s part of the game’. He strongly disagreed. This is not a game – this is his life and his“, the statement later announced. Harry’s intention was clear: He doesn’t want Meghan to suffer in silence from media attacks and online harassmentLike her mother Princess Diana, she suffered from media intrusion.

A simple update of the site?

Charles III’s withdrawal of this proclamation caused great consternation. Some royalists see it as an attempt to rewrite family history and control the public narrative. Others see it as an attempt to ease strained relationships within the family by removing elements that can fuel conflict.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman declined to comment on the report’s withdrawal. It simply states that the site undergoes regular updates and revisions. However, for the audience, this silence prompts speculation about the discourse and the real motivations behind this omission.

What could be the consequences for Meghan and Harry?

For Harry and Meghan, this removal is a real blow. Having often expressed a desire to live far from the toxic glare of the British media, they once again find themselves at the center of royal controversy.. The move could fuel further tensions between Harry and his family, undermining efforts at reconciliation.

The Duchess of Sussex has faced waves of abuse and harassment before. This dismissal can be seen as a signal that their concerns are not being taken seriously. Harry, for his part, could see the gesture as further proof of his pair’s isolation within the royal family.

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