Changes in the indexation of pensions 2023 – calculation table.  Some will get guaranteed raises [30.11.2022 r.]

Changes in the index of pensions in 2023. The government intends to change the rules for linking pensions and pensions next year. For some people, the increase will be a percentage. What does this mean for seniors? Check out how pensions have increased following government announcements.

The government announced that in 2023 the rules for indexing pensions will be changed. Some will be subject to quota and percentage increases. The guaranteed pension increase is a total of PLN 250, i.e. PLN 227.50 per side.

The bill stipulates that people on the minimum pension can count on this increase. Currently, the total is PLN 1,338.44, as of March 2023 The interest is the total increase to PLN 1588.44.

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The amount of the pension increase applies to all persons which receives pensions amounting to a total of PLN 1,850. Whoever gets more will be subject to the percentage indicator, because it is better.

The government initially estimated that the index could reach 13.8 percent next year. This information has been included in the draft budget. However, ever-increasing inflation is expected to cause this Pension increases will be even higher.

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