CERT Polska Warns Santander Bank Polska Customers

The CERT Polska team noticed a new type of scam. Criminals began to use the image of Bank Santander Polska. What should customers pay attention to in order not to lose money?

CERT Polska Warns Santander Bank Polska Customers

Santander Bank Polska customers are being targeted by scammers. As shown TVN24 BusinessCERT Polska, the team responsible for cybersecurity, released a letter describing the thieves’ actions.

Attention! The phishing campaign targets customers of SantanderBankPL. Scammers send emails saying that account access is restricted due to no security app. In fact, it is the Android Hydra Banking Trojan

How do you take care of your safety?

As they added, Installing the application threatens to lose money from the account.

How not to be fooled?

The message was accompanied by a sample page with instructions for downloading the app, which was created by scammers. It’s similar to the official Santander Bank Polska website – it has the organization’s recognizable logo and the color red. On the other hand, cybercriminals are betrayed by domains – centrum24.pl-centrum24.com and santander-app.net. The original is santander.pl.

In order not to be deceived, you must:

  • Don’t install a malicious app,
  • check domains,
  • Do not log in to suspicious websites.
  • Check email addresses.

You can read more about scams and cybercriminals at TVN24 Business.

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Beware of a phone call from a fake bank employee Source: Dobry TVN

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