Centauro (2022) - review, opinion about the film [Netflix].  Half man and half bike

Rafa loves motorcycle racing the most in the world, her son and his mother. When she has trouble storing large quantities of drugs for gang members, Rafa rides a bike to help her get rid of them.

How good to know that not only Poland has Patrick Vega and similar artists. The Spanish “Centauro” is simply a bad movie in almost every respect. I’m sorry to bore you the next day, dear reader, with a poor production review. I also don’t like the fact that days go by and I watch junk. In the case of today’s movie, I was counting on a simple action movie with a tacky story and some nicely shot scenes for chases or other shootouts. I didn’t even understand.

Centauro 2022 movie review [Netflix]. poorly written

In fact, in this short introduction, I have already described almost the entire plot of the film. Sure, there’s still the “big” epilogue and one side story where Rafa has to balance her family responsibilities with her sports career, but that’s about her. The movie is very simple and even the 90 minutes it takes seems to be a great value.

Instead of developing interestingly written characters and dialogues, we get the reserved and devoid of acting skills Alex Muner, who simply carries packages, runs away from the police on the way, or races on the track. The plot is limited to saying that someone copied it because the police knew what and who they were looking for. But it is not very important and does not change much, because our main character is a cat so that the blue cat does not have the slightest chance with him. On the other hand, the barricades do not survive Khan and why, because the gangster – like all the other characters in the film – have no personality of their own and are in fact distinguished only by their faces. Motives? Relations? Character? For whom is this ?!

Centauro 2022 movie review [Netflix]. photographed correctly

need for speed

Similar to Polish cinema, director Daniel Kalparsoro tries to cover up his flaws with a bit of a razor, but he can’t even do it right. Not only is the whole scene logic stereotypical and painfully naive, but the same close-up shot is absolutely meaningless, rude and almost vulgar. Sixty seconds of purely mechanical jumping and that’s it. You can return to the “plot”.

The only element that makes any impression in the movie is the motorcycle ride scenes. And not because they are well prepared. In most cases, these are pretty standard shots, either low, from wheel height, or someone was driving behind the action, with the camera somehow mounted to the front of the bike, most likely. In the end, we got one relatively interesting shot, which perhaps needed to be thought carefully, when our main character flies on one wheel between the platforms in a warehouse, and people turn away from his path at the last moment. And that’s it. That’s all you can see in this movie. I’m not joking.

This production is very bad. Completely deprived of character – both in terms of plot and in terms of characters, it’s simply scored, poorly played, and without emotion, and you’ll only feel any tension in one or two scenes at the end of the movie. I wasn’t expecting it, and was disappointed anyway. “Centauro” is a complete waste of time, not worth watching even while drunk with a group of friends. Only one point for properly shot scenes involving motorcycles. Probably someone would watch anyway, tempted by the low rating, because there’s no way a stupid movie about a guy on a motorcycle could be so bad. But even if one person saved 90 minutes of his life thanks to this text, it would be worth it. have a nice weekend.

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