Censorship on YouTube!  OSW movie about Russian propaganda scenes banned

OSW employees announced Monday that the content has been censored by site administrators.

– Regarding the blocking of our video analyzing Russian propaganda activities on YouTube, we publish a statement. Hopefully the movie will be available again soon and the situation won’t happen again in the future

– We read in the OSW statement on Twitter.

Youtube today blocked an OSW video analyzing Russian propaganda, claiming that we infringed copyright by posting an excerpt from the leading Russian propaganda program Vladimir Solovyev. The part used is included according to the citation law

Inform the center’s staff.

– However, we hope that the above material will soon be available to our viewers again, and that OSW will still be able to show how Kremlin propaganda works in the film material

– summarizes OSW.

Source: OSW, Niezalezna.pl

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