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What were the best and worst aspects of the Celta Vigo encounter according to the FCBarca.com editorial board?

Best: In front of a classic in the captain’s seat

There are few optimistic conclusions after the successful win over Celta. However, regardless of the course of the match itself, you have to stick to the fact that Barcelona will join El Clasico as the leader of the table and with only one goal conceded in eight matches. Ter Stegen kept a clean sheet for the seventh time in the league this season, a very good level for the German who saved Barcelona from today’s match (although he did not avoid mistakes in playing), an optimistic indicator for the match at the Bernabeu. Moreover, the ubiquitous Gavi, who ran 13 kilometers with Celta, several good tackles by Pique and glimpses of Pedri’s genius, gives some hope in the matches against Inter and Real. Perhaps the players were also thinking about the competition with Italy, which will be more important than today’s match. After the match, Xavi said he was not satisfied and knew the team needed to improve a lot, so he was aware of the shortcomings.

Worst: Figure Crisis at a Defining Moment

Barcelona played a bad game. While the start of the match gave hope that the team was already on the upside, the second half showed just how massive the problems are for the team and that after the national hiatus, there is simply no shape. The entire attack failed, Ravenha (on the right flank) and Ferran fired one shot each and… that was the case. They did not bear the burden of the game on themselves, they were losing duels, and their matches were too predictable for Celta defenders. Cutting off the passes, Lewandowski practically did not reach the shooting positions, nor was he able to create anything himself. After the break, Dembele, Fati and De Jong were visibly behind, not playing very accurately and almost every pass was lost in the penalty area. After the break, Barcelona could not control the match, and as the minutes passed, its defense grew more and more. Only good interventions by Piqué and Ter Stegen saved the hosts 3 points. With his decisions, Xavi did not change the team’s game, which when the opponent presses begins to get lost and there is a lot of chaos and inaccuracy in their actions. Before Inter, the feeling of more struggle to get promoted to the 1/8 finals of the Champions League wasn’t the best.

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