Celine on CH: “Thanks for meeting us, guys!”

Celine Dion enjoyed her visit to the Montreal Canadiens locker room in Las Vegas on Monday evening and wanted to share it on social media.

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“My sons and I had so much fun meeting the Montreal Canadiens after the hockey game against the Las Vegas Golden Knights,” she wrote in an Instagram post that included four souvenir photos.

“They played well, what a game! Thanks for meeting us, guys! It was unforgettable for all of us. Have a good season everyone! – Celine xx,” noted the star singer.

CH’s vice president of communications, Chantal Machabi, revealed the diva’s column — who put her life on hold after learning she suffered from difficult person syndrome — on Tuesday morning, also posting a photo on Instagram.

“She was the Celine we knew, full of energy, smiling, funny, friendly, simple, loving. It was very comforting,” said M.me Maccabeus during an interview Newspaper.

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