Celine Dion gives an exclusive interview to Jean-Philippe Dion

While Celine Dion gave an exclusive interview to American journalist Hoda Kotpu from NBC, we learned today that host Jean-Philippe Dion also got a special interview moment with the star.

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This is the host on his Instagram account Jean-Philippe Dion He announced the big news.

Yes, when Celine Dion He gave a rare one-hour interview to the show Today It will air on June 11, at 10pm on NBC, and now the international star will present another one in French, which will air on TVA this Sunday evening, at 8pm.

Here’s what we know so far:

Keep in mind that the diva, who suffers from difficult person syndrome, has become more discreet in recent years.

During one, he can be heard explaining the effects in his voice: “It’s like someone strangling you. It’s like someone is pushing your larynx,” she explained.

So don’t miss it this Sunday at 8pm on TVA.

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