Celine Bonnier will be in a relationship with this well-known actor!

Here is the trailer and synopsis of this movie by Marianne Farley:


Annie rushes from Montreal to America with her two children. There is an obvious tension between the mother and her teenage daughter Sarah. Annie makes a reckless decision to escape possible consequences when the latter reveals that she has seriously injured the young woman who tormented her. After their car breaks down near a small village in the Adirondacks, a small family waits until next week for repairs. Much to Annie’s chagrin, a single father and Paul, the only mechanic in town, have no intention of working on the weekend. But Annie’s stubbornness, wanting to get out at all costs, creates a duality between her and Paul that is unexpected. Will this one drop the mask to finally reveal to us the true intentions of these two souls on the run? »

Picture North of Albany It will hit theaters on December 2nd.

Until then, find out Celine Bonnier In the powerful detective series A criminal case On the Grau!

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