CBA with unusually large demand.  4 thousand smartphones.  for 1300 employees

Central Anti-Corruption Office It announced a tender for the purchase of 3,972 smartphones. Half of them are iPhones, the other half are devices Android. CBA also plans to buy 150 5G modems.

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CBA buys smartphones. Why so much?

It is baffling that the CBA employs only 1,300 people, including civil servants and officials – reports. If the devices were handed over to every employee – which is somewhat doubtful – they would get three smartphones per head and close to a hundred would still be available. was also aroused by the purchase of an equal number of devices running Android and iOSWhich would suggest that each agent will get two smart phones. One iPhone and one Android phone. The portal has requested clarifications from the Central Anti-Corruption Office, but no response has yet been received.

CBA Luxury Smartphones

It is also worth noting that CBA requires advanced equipment Class. First of all, every device must support 5G, record 4K video, and have at least 6GB of RAM. The cheapest models can be bought for about 1700 PLN, but in this case Iphone price It grows to 3.2 thousand. zloty.

In addition, the tender indicated the need to purchase several hundred devices of the highest class, which have 8 or 12 GB of RAM, an octa-core processor and at least 128 GB of internal memory. 20 of them should have a screen size of at least 6.8 inches. iPhones that meet these requirements cost a minimum. 4.5 thousand PLN, in case Android Prices start from 3.5 thousand. zloty.

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