Catholics urge Pope to excommunicate Biden

Declaring himself a “Catholic,” Joe Biden has been implementing a radical left-wing agenda since the beginning of his presidency, offering a global and unlimited platform. The right to kill a fetus children and LGBT ideology In all possible ways. Regarding the prospective audience that Francis presented to Biden, American Catholics made an appeal to the Pope.

Public penance or deprivation

LifeSiteNews has launched a petition expressing the expectation of a strong legal response from the Pope. The authors and signatories demand the Pope make clear to Joe Biden, who goes against dogma and morals, that he “will be formally excommunicated for his public and persistent promotion of abortion, and that if he wishes to return to communication with the Church, he should do so publicly immediately. the death “.

We read: “Joe Biden’s active and widespread promotion of abortion, since taking office only 9 months ago, is a serious scandal for believers in the United States and Catholics around the world.” The authors regret the lack of a specific reaction from the American Episcopalian, whose representatives from time to time verbally criticize Biden’s actions, but they have not taken any official steps to solve the problem. “The silence of American shepherds is deafening,” they say.

No more “dialogue”, need to act

The initiators of the action understand that the meeting’s agenda includes discussions “only about COVID and climate change,” so they are appealing to the Pope to make the abortion scandal, which is constantly fueled by the US president, the main topic of conversation. “Pope Francis must intervene now to protect our unborn brothers and sisters from death, to protect the authentic teachings of the Church from disingenuous “Catholics” like Joe Biden, and to protect believers from the dangerous scandal that Biden and the unbearable have caused. Frequency and “dialogue” Operated by USCCB [amerykański episkopat – red.]The authors concluded.

The petition will be sent to the Apostolic Nuncio in the United States, Archbishop Christophe Pierre, and the Chairman of the Pro-Life Committee of the American Episcopal Conference, Archbishop Joseph Naumann.

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