Catargate: Kylie and Tarabella won’t be released any time soon.  Court decision

The Belgian Court of Appeal on Friday extended the pretrial detention of MEPs Eva Kayla and Marc Tarabella who are the main suspects in a European Parliament corruption scandal called Catargate.

Clash Zone: Tarczyński reveals new ties to Qatargate: It’s a corruption and espionage scandal

Qatargate did not erupt last year. This case has been going on for at least twelve years and is not only a corruption scandal, but also…

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“The preventive detention of the suspects has been extended by two months and one month, respectively.” The Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

In December 2022, public opinion in the European Union was rocked by a bribery scandal in the European Parliament. It is alleged that countries such as Qatar and Morocco have tried to influence the economic and political decisions of the European Parliament by bribing people holding important positions in the European Parliament.

Former member of the European Parliament, Italian Pier Antonio Panzieri, one of the main figures in the corruption case, in exchange for leniency He cooperated with the Belgian judiciary in the investigation, and agreed to reveal the details of his dealings and the names of those involved.

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