June 7, 2023


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Cassandra Sanchez Davis screams her love for Orosco |  Eye view

Cassandra Sanchez Davis screams her love for Orosco | Eye view

Very in love! And his girlfriend They announced exclusively for the “T Day” program, where parents for the first time acknowledged what feelings were occupying them after a few days.

Also, Cumbiampero mentioned that he never thought to love his daughter Jessica Newton, Both come from completely different “two worlds”.

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We came from two completely different rounds. Her business, beauty, and I absolutely famous circuit, mass, country. We are lucky to meet as human beings, not as characters. “ The artist revealed.

For her part, Cassandra Sanchez did not hesitate to shout from the roof of her love for Cumbiampero, who had captured her for her humility.

“I always say with complete honesty, I live in love with him because day by day he shows me. I like the humility with which it was handled. Knowing that I was clear on where I wanted to go was also one of the best conversations I had in my life. Said very excitedly with the pride of the organizer of Miss Peru.

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