Carol G took to the stage and sang "Obsession" with Romeo Santos at the Aventura concert |  Video USA USA United States Instagram Celebrities NNTC |  Lateral

Sang with At a concert hosted by Aventura on Sunday in Los Angeles, California (USA). Colombian used his Instagram account to tell how he came to the stage of the “obsession” show with nearly 50 million followers.

“Aha wow wow !!! I’m going to tell you a story … I was in Las Vegas yesterday I found out they were at the Aventura concert in LA, how I was an Aventura fan, and I traveled without guessing to see them., Initially counted.

“I’m in my place, dancing, singing, screaming with her songs, and Suddenly they came in with a microphone and said to me: ‘They want to sing’ Frenzy ‘with you to close the night, are you ready?’ .. and I: ‘QEEEEE ??? !!! QuEeEee ??? !!! “, Added.

“If the previous 4 songs are screaming with emotion I don’t know how I went to sing … The truth is, yesterday I went to a concert of my favorite artist and they took me to the stage… what we all want to happen to us … I can not violate it. Results “, The post ended with a video of his mini presentation.

For his part, Romeo Santos He did not want to stop thanking the translator for “Pichoda” who was ready to go with them on stage. Although he went to see the show as part of the audience.

“Carol G came to enjoy the show and I hired her … Thank you for making this night even better. Thank you LA ”, Wrote in the release with two photos of the show with the Colombian.

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