Carlos Sainz surprised everyone.  Ferrari takes center stage at the US Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz unexpectedly won the Formula 1 qualifying for the United States Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver beat the two candidates – Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen. However, Monaco will be penalized and moved to the start of Sunday’s race.

Łukasz Kuczera

Carlos Sainz

Press materials / Ferrari / Pictured: Carlos Sainz

After Max Verstappen had his best time in Formula 1 training on Saturday before the US Grand Prix, the Red Bull Racing driver was the front-runner to qualify in Austin. This weekend, the problems of their Dutch rivals helped. Charles Leclerc will be moved ten places on Sunday due to an engine replacement, and Sergio Perez will lose five places at the start.

Starting in the first quarter, it was clear that the Red Bull Racing and Ferrari drivers were setting the pace for the competition, as had been the case in previous COTA training sessions. A costly blunder was made by Mick Schumacher, who made an effective “spinning top” and thus lost his chances of promotion to the next qualifying stage.

The first surprises occurred in stage Q2, when Pierre Gasly was eliminated from the competition. – Why do we do this to ourselves again? – The Alpha Torri driver got angry on the radio, threw insults and grumbled about the brakes in his car.

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Lando Norris was lucky. At first, the Briton seemed to have pulled out of Q2 as he was ranked 11th. However, judges found Guanyu Zhou guilty of a crime. The Alfa Romeo driver overstepped the track’s limits a bit, canceling his time. This means that Zhou is out of the Time Trial and Norris has a trip in Q3.

Red Bull used an unusual strategy in the third quarter. Max Verstappen hit the track with used tyres. The Dutchman came out on top with 1:35,044, but it didn’t last long. Charles Leclerc (1:34,624) very quickly coped with the 25-year-old’s result, and after a while Carlos Sainz (+0.159 s) and Lewis Hamilton (+0.323 s) did the same.

Verstappen installed new tires on his second stint in Q3, but that didn’t translate to the starting position. The playoff favorites were reconciled by Sainz with a 1:34.356. Leclerc finished second, with a loss of 0.065sec, but be aware that Monaco will move ten places at the start on Sunday.

F1 – US GP – Qualifiers – Results:

Element driver Team Q 3 Q 2 x 1
1. Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1: 34.356 1: 35590 1: 35,297
2. Charles Leclerc Ferrari +0.065 1: 35.246 1: 35795
3. Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing +0.092.0000 1: 35,294 1: 35864
4. Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing +0.289.0000 1: 35864 1: 36.163
5. Lewis Hamilton mercedes +0.591.0000 1: 35732 1: 36.148
6. George Russell mercedes +0.632 1: 35,692 1: 36.195
7. Lance’s Outing Aston Martin +1.242 1: 36.032 1: 36860
8. Lando Norris McLaren +1.334 1:36341 1:36,465
9. Fernando Alonso Alps +1.520 1: 35988 1: 36,446
10. Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo +1.963 1:36,321 1: 36746
11. Alexander Albon Williams 1: 36,368 1: 36932
12. Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin 1:36398 1: 36695
13. Pierre Gasly Alpha Tour 1: 36740 1: 36577
14. Guanyu Zhou Alfa Romeo 1: 36970 1:36656
15th. Yuki Tsunoda Alpha Tour 1:37,147 1:36,808
16. Kevin Magnussen Hass 1: 36949
17. Daniel Ricciardo McLaren 1: 37.046
18. Esteban Ocon Alps 1: 37.068
19. Mick Schumacher Hass 1: 37.111
twenty. Nicholas Latifi Williams 1: 37.244

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