Caribbean: Tragic Incident on St. Martin.  The nail cut off the tourist’s leg

The ship’s propeller first pulled the man under the water, and then cut off part of his leg. When they managed to get him on board, the passengers saw a shocking scene. The accident occurred on the island of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean Sea.

attention! The article contains information that may not be suitable for sensitive people.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at the Philipsburg Marina. It is the main city of the island Saint Martin Territory of the Netherlands in the Caribbean. Around 4:00 pm local time, a cruise ship passenger attempted to board a water taxi.

Local police spokesman Etheloldus Josefa told the Daily Herald that a tourist was trapped between the dock and the boat and was injured. “Serious injury” caused by the ship’s propeller.

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Recordings of the accident have been posted online. We don’t publish it because of the cruel scenes.

Accident report

The tourist wanted to swim up to the taxi and ride it. He reached the car from the back. The surface of the water was choppy, indicating the engagement of the boat’s propellers. The man managed to grab the edge of the deck.

And suddenly he was under water. Most likely, it was pulled below the surface by a rotating screw. After a while, he reappeared on the surface. A man ran to the edge, reached out to the wound, and helped him up aboard. She slowly appeared, and then the people gathered nearby started shouting.

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The man lost part of his right leg. Bolt cut them in the calf. Blood was flowing from the wound. When the assistant saw the injuries, he let go of the man and grabbed his head. Wounded, he fell back into the water.

The assistant thought quickly and again helped the victim, pulling him to the white roof, which was covered with blood.

A police spokesman said the injured tourist was alive. He was transferred to St. Martin Medical Center, where he received medical attention.


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