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Production of Captain America: New World Order was not interrupted by the writers’ strike and production continues. After a long break, more photos from the set have surfaced on the net, this time showing Sam Wilson in his new Captain America costume. The hero wears a blue uniform with a golden star on his chest.

Captain America: New World Order – image of the new superhero costume

The second photo shows a mysterious actor who fans quickly identified as American wrestler Seth Rollins, who is now a star in the WWE organization. It is unknown if Rollins will only get a small guest appearance or if he will be given a larger role. You can see both pictures below.

The film is directed by Julius Onah, creator of The Cloverfield and Luce Paradox. Cast: Anthony Mackie (Captain America), Danny Ramirez (Falcon), Harrison Ford (Thaddeus Ross), Carl Lumbly (Isaiah Bradley), Tim Blake Nelson (Samuel Stearns), Shira Haas (Sabra), Liv Tyler (Betty Ross), Xusha Roquemore.

mention it Captain America: The New World Order will hit theaters on May 3, 2024.

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