Mollie Fitzgerald aresztowana za zabicie matki

Autor: Courtesy of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

This crime is electrifying the world again! New shocking facts have emerged about the actress who played in the famous movie “Captain America: First Encounter”, who killed her mother with a vacuum cleaner and a kitchen knife. Attorney Molly Fitzgerald, 39, took the floor. Uncover important facts about the scandalous trial.

She starred in one of the greatest films of recent years, then committed a terrible crime, and today is awaiting trial and verdict. The harrowing story of Molly Fitzgerald itself is similar to a movie script. In 2011, a woman appeared in the movie “Captain America: The First Face”, playing the role of Stark’s girlfriend there. Although it wasn’t a big role, it gave Molly Fitzgerald a chance to enter Hollywood’s biggest salons. However, after a few years, there was an amazing development. The Los Angeles Police Department shortly before Christmas received a call from an actress who says she killed her mother. The actress from the beginning claimed that she killed 68-year-old Patricia Fitzgerald in self-defense, but the attorney general’s office has a different opinion.

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According to the investigation, Molly Fitzgerald stabbed her mother four times with a knife and previously stunned her… with a bit of a vacuum cleaner. The woman is awaiting trial and its beginning has been postponed due to further psychological examinations. TMZ is now interviewing attorney Molly Fitzgerald, 39. He said two out of three experts found the fallen star insane and that the trial was halted because the 39-year-old “didn’t understand what was happening to her”. The actress will be checked every 90 days.

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