Capcom Super Election – Votes and Verdicts Announced.  Gamers want the cult game series back!

As a result of the Capcom Super Elections, fans from around the world cast their votes, including: on which games they would like to see in future sequels or spin-offs.

I participated in the vote More than 254 thousand people. The majority were men (82%), while women made up 14% of participants – and 4% chose not to mention their gender.

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They were the largest group of people 20 years (39%) and 30 years (38%)Most votes came from the United States (28%) and Japan (21%), demonstrating the global reach of the Capcom brand.

However, the biggest question was which games players would like to see back, whether in the form of a sequel or a remake. The votes cast may surprise you!

  1. Dino crisis. The popular 90s series received the most votes, with 80,769 votes. This shows that nostalgia and the desire to return to classic survival horror games are strong among fans.
  2. Mega Man It came in second place with 63,395 votes, confirming the ongoing popularity of this platform series.
  3. devil may cry It came in third place with 60,371 votes, indicating continued interest in fast-paced action games.

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These results indicate that players are eager to return to the worlds they once loved, with new possibilities and fresh perspectives on their favorite series. The presence of Dino Crisis at the top of the list may indicate that Capcom should consider reviving the series to satisfy fans’ desires. Mega Man and Devil May Cry have also received strong support, which could lead to further development of these franchises.

to summarise, Capcom SuperElections gave the company valuable advice on what development directions its fans most desired. With this information, Capcom has an opportunity to strengthen its position in the gaming market, and provide titles that meet players’ expectations.

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