March 29, 2023


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Cannes 2022. Fairytale creations on the red carpet

Cannes 2022. Fairytale creations on the red carpet

75th Cannes Film Festival Slowly coming to an end. On Saturday we will know the winners of this year’s edition. On Friday evening, May 27, in Cannes, there was a screening of the film “Mother’s Son”. Helen Mirren. This is one of the last opportunities to shine on the red carpet. What do the stars look like?

On Friday evening, May 27, the biggest movie stars attended the Cannes Film Festival in 2022. On the red carpet, we can admire the extraordinary creations of Helen Mirren, Gemma Chan, Michelle Williams and Tally Storm.

76 years Helen Mirren She looked completely different than usual today. together with Andy McDowell She danced in front of the photographers’ lenses. Helen wore a silver dress with long flowing sleeves and sharp makeup with a very prominent eye, giving her a modern diagonal look. The actress’s hairstyle also attracted attention – her hair was pulled back and combed into a soft half-dotted hairstyle.
On the other hand, Andy wore a long striped dress with an open back and a flared skirt.

During the joint dance on the red carpet, the actresses looked like godparents who came to the ball to help Cinderella.

The rest of the stars and celebrities who appeared in front of the Palais des Cinemas in Cannes, immediately after them, wore dresses that at least resembled a fairy tale.

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