Cannavale, Debicki and Wilson in Kafka’s crime “Andorra”
Bobby Cannavale (The Watcher), Elizabeth Debicki (The Crown), Ruth Wilson (Romance) Combine your efforts and enjoy starring in a romantic suspense movie titled Andorra. The film’s executive producer is a cinematic legend, who won an Oscar for the screenplay Those Days, Those Nights by James Ivory. The movie was announced as Kafka’s tale of love, crime and lies.

“Andorra” – what do we know about the film?

The main character in “Andorra” will be the American Alexander Fox (played by Cannavale).Who comes to the titular little poet country hoping for a new life after experiencing a personal tragedy. However, he is immediately drawn into the mysterious and unsettling plots of the residents, including a retired Australian (played by Debekie) and her daughter, Miss Quay (Wilson). When dead bodies appear in the port, the hero begins to suspect that this seemingly perfect place to live has become a trap from which he may never get out.

The film is directed by Giuseppe Capotondi and written by Peter Cameron.

Recently, Elizabeth Debicki has gained a lot of popularity thanks to the role of Princess Diana in the fifth season of the series “The Crown”. Below we remind you of our conversation about the last episodes of the series on the show. The series of killers. Łukasz Muszyński and Małgorzata Steciak, our host, share their impressions.

THE KILLERS TV SERIES: We talk about the fifth season of “The Crown”

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