Since the legislation of sports betting in Canada, the gambling industry in the country has gone from strength to strength. With the advent of legality and the multiple online casinos and bookmakers Canada now has punters to choose from, and the industry is worth tens of billions of dollars within a few years.

Canadians are one of the most sports-like people in the world, making the country a leading sporting nation. The reason Canadians are so much into sports is that there is a wide variety of sports activities in the country – from hockey to ruby to soccer; Canadians have endless options where to place their wagers throughout the year. Whether a winter sport or a summer sport, the gambling industry in Canada is one of the country’s economic pillars.

Sports and technology go hand in hand

The development and rapid advancement of technology and the introduction of online gambling and online casinos have tremendously assisted the industry to flourish so much in such a short period. Platforms and bookmakers are aware that the gambling industry is constantly changing, and they must always be alert to tweak their products and services according to the tastes of their customers as well as the preferences of gamblers in different countries.

Betting facilities with benefits aimed at European punters differ completely from betting and concessions offered to Canadians. Whilst Europeans are more inclined to bet on football, tennis, and horse racing, Canadians prefer to bet on other kinds of sports activities.

Football is for European and Asian markets; hockey is Canada’s game. Canadians’ zeal and passion for hockey are unmatched compared to other sports. Canada is the worldwide hub for placing wagers on hockey. Nowhere in the world are bets placed on hockey than in Canada. Running throughout the ten months each year, hockey enthusiasts and gamblers have enough opportunities and time to follow the game and place their bets weekly. The long duration of the National Hockey League is a pot of gold for betting sites as they are kept busy for a big chunk of the year.

Canada has a long withstanding relationship with hockey

The passion for hockey in Canada is reflected in Canadians’ success in an international hockey tournament. In fact, the Canadian Men hockey teams have won gold medals at the last three international competitions that included the best players in the world (the 2010 and 2014 Olympic Games and the 2016 World Cup). The Canadian Women’s hockey team won gold in four straight Olympic Games (2002, 2006, 2010, and 2014). This makes hockey a Canadian national pastime, and it is no surprise that betting on hockey fairs is at the very top of the table in sports betting.

The ball games that Canadians love

Ironically, the game of basketball was invented by a Canadian named James Naismith more than a century ago. Although not as popular as hockey, basketball can be termed the second most popular sport in Canada. Betting on basketball is growing from year to year, and it is expected to continue rising, provided that the country fairs well in international basketball tournaments. Winning gold and trophies are like golden syrup for people to get more interested in the game, and increased interest in the sport means more betting on the game. With the cultivation and development of Canadian basketball players like RJ Barrett, Jamal Murray, Shai-Gilgeous-Alexander, and Andrew Wiggins, the future of basketball in Canada looks very bright.

Come summertime, and baseball has become the favourite sport for Canadians. Although the game ranks third to hockey and basketball, the Canadian baseball team – Blue Jays – generates a lot of hype and aspirations when heading into the new baseball season. The game is a fountain of opportunity for gamblers to place wages as the number of MLB teams play one hundred and sixty-two games each season. The number of baseball games played in one season is almost double the number of games played during the hockey and basketball seasons. Quite a lot to fish around and place bets!

Combat Contact Sports is also picking up betting momentum

Boxing has seen a huge resurgence in recent years. Promoters like Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn and Boxxer’s  Ben Shalom are to thank for this. TV Channels like DAZN and Sky Sports Boxing make sure to stream such big fights via PPV, thus extending the reach of boxing worldwide. Make your way to a Canadian betting site. You will realise that Canadian punters like to place bets on Britain’s Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, or even Chris Eubank Jr. You also have Mexico’s Canelo Alvarez, a fan favourite, along with the likes of the US’s Deontay Wilder or Khazakistan’s Gennady Golovkin. Although boxing is not predominantly a Canadian sport, rest assured that boxing bets in Canada always reach record highs, making the sport a go-to sport for many Canadians.

Canada is getting crazy about the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). At one stage, the Rogers Center in Toronto held the record for the biggest attendance at a UFC event, and it seems probable that the UFC seems eager to keep returning to Canada. The sport is one of the most entertaining activities in the world of sports and an opportunity for Canadians to diversify their betting habits.

Is soccer the future?

Soccer is still in its infancy stage in Canada. Unlike the game’s popularity globally, especially in Europe, Asia, and South America, soccer is slowly coming to age in North America. With the importation of big names soccer players like Lorenzo Insigne from AC Napoli and Federico Bernardeschi from Juventus, Canadian soccer will indeed become one of the most popular sports in the country. At the international level, Canadian soccer is still underrated. Still, punters are well advised to follow developments as betting on soccer can become essential and lucrative as it is in other countries.

Other sports disciplines that Canadians like to bet on include golf and tennis. Both sports are generally played during the summer months, allowing Canadian punters to place bets on tournaments and competitions. The gambling industry is looking very optimistic about the prospects of increased betting on both golf and tennis.

Irrespective of which sports one prefers to place their bet on, it is important to know that mature and experienced bettors know their way around the gambling arena and are knowledgeable enough to choose the appropriate bet. They are also well informed on various sports activities, and occasions specialise in a particular sport. This knowledge allows the mature punter to ponder correctly and increase the chances of betting on a winning team. In contrast, newcomers to the gambling industry may feel lost and wary of where to start. The best advice for novice gamblers is to bet on the sports you are confident with and aware of the game’s rules.

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