"Canada's Got Talent" is what Sagunen enchants

Certainly, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean’s artists have received rating in this year’s “Canada Got Talent” project. After the passing of violinist Sebastien Schwartz, singer Jennik Fornier impressed the judges on Tuesday evening, explaining that she had surrendered to Celine Dion’s “.

The 49-year-old woman qualified for the popular “Golden Buzzer” that will allow direct access to the semifinals on May 3 and 10.

“I still do not believe it. I heard it again, I do not know how many times last night, because I did not see anything. Today, this morning again I am in shock,” he admitted on Wednesday.

Only two of the 18 candidates selected by the judges will advance to the finals. However if she is not a part of this choice, she may be saved by the public. He also invites the audience to support him.

“On the evening of the show, you should be listening. You have 24 hours to vote, ”he explained.

In 2012, her appearance on the show “The Voice: The Most Beautiful Voice” in France was announced very soon in Quebec. The product dropped its participation. Despite all this, Genik did not give up and continued to amass his appearance on stage in Quebec. He is now reaping the fruits of his efforts.

“What I want to convey to people is that in life, when you have to do something, you’re really ready, surrounded by the fire team as I am now, and this is what comes back to you. You have to be on a stage all my life, sing I just want to have a message, I have feelings to convey to people, ”she said, moving on.

Genick believes that by winning this great adventure of “Canada’s Got Talent” he will be able to represent Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and the whole of Quebec. He has a chance to win $ 150,000 and perform at Luxor in Las Vegas. Maybe she’s getting close to her dream of singing with Celine Dion, who knows?

“The sky is the limit”. I’m ready to go anywhere, I’m positive. I will win this match! We rush to the pile! ”She shouted.

The singer, known as “The Other Celine” for 15 years, is preparing a new show. “Five Divas, One Voice” will be presented on April 29 at the La Saguenéenne Hotel in Chicoutimi.

Many more dates to be released on his date Facebook page And then, because of his performance on Tuesday, the demands have been accumulating!

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