Camille Stoch and Peter Shiga did not appear on the hill.  There is a decision on the competition

Competition in the tournament raw air Gaining momentum. The jumpers are already behind them The struggle in Lillehammer. The next stop on their way is Oslo.

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Pure perfection. So Stoch changed his jumps all of a sudden

Kamil Stoch and Piotr Żyła released before mixed tag team competition

A mixed team competition is scheduled for Friday. In it, the Polish national team will consist of: Nicole Kunderla, Piotr ŻyłaAnd the Kinga Rajada and Camille Stoch. The start date of the competition has been set for 4:00 pm.

A big change in the rating of Raw Air. Big drop and big loss for Stoch

Before that, the jumpers showed up on Holmenkolbäken Hill (HS134) in Oslo to take part in two training sessions. Piotr Żyła you are missing on arrival full stoush. Both were given a moment to catch their breath before the mixed tag team competition.

The first training course in Oslo by Robert Johansson

In the first training session, he was the best pole Daoud Kobaki. But he did not like it, he took 22nd place after a jump of 125.5 meters. She gave it 22nd place.

Michel Doyal made the decision.  Stefan Hula withdrew from warehouse on Raw AirMichel Doyal made the decision. Stefan Hula withdrew from warehouse on Raw Air

It was just a little worse for the rest of the Piao Xeronich. He was ranked 28 Paweł W ± sec (121.5 m), while Jacob Woolney took 33rd place (120 m). In turn, Kacper Juroszek reached 115.5 meters and took 47th place.

The best of the session was Robert Johansson, who jumped 134.5 metres. Lovro Kos (133 m) and Halvor Aigner Grandrod (128 AD).

In the second training session, Manuel Wittner, an annoying attempt by Kobaki, was the best

The second training session fell to Manuel Wittner. The Austrian flew 135.5 meters. Immediately behind him was Ryoyu Kobayashi (133 AD). Stefan Kraft (129.5 m) came in third. Robert Johansson (131m) was in the lead again. This time the Norwegian was fourth.

Kacper Juroszek similarly presented himself on the first try. He flew an extra meter (116.5 m) and took 37th place. Pawe Wąsek (125.5 m) and Jacob Woolney (123.5 m). The first was 18, and the last 22.

However, Dawid Kubacki’s performance fell short of expectations. The pole reached only 113.5 metres, however it faced unfavorable wind conditions. This only translates to 39th place.

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