Camilla Capello, who was photographed unknowingly on the beach, sheds a heartfelt cry

This weekend, singer Camila Capello was unknowingly photographed strolling on a Miami beach.

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It didn’t take long for Camila’s beach to clear up tomorrow, and she expressed her displeasure on Twitter and Instagram. She explains that she was already photographed there by the paparazzi.

“Every time I feel so vulnerable and insecure. I’m casually worn bikinis there before, and then I’m shocked to see pictures and comments online.”

Because of this, the singer was forced to “prepare” for this unique day at the beach.

“I bought a brand new bikini, a super cute new set, used a little glitter, did not eat anything too heavy before swimming in the sea because I knew it would turn into a real photo shoot. I pulled so hard on my stomach, my stomach ached, I was out of breath. No, it’s because I’m so self-conscious that there are paparazzi all day, and I can not rest. “

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In fact, this is not the first time Camila has been photographed and commented on. There was also an important message she had to send in this regard.

“I continue to say that the reason I have a problem is because of the reaction of the community. A society that is too accustomed to a particular image of a “healthy” woman that does not reflect the reality of many women. “

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Camila Cabello wanted to share her experience, raising awareness about people’s opinions and the pressures that some people experience due to people’s hysteria over totally lean and muscular bodies.

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“We look at pictures of women and praise them when they are thin and ‘healthy’, but if we are so obsessed with our physical appearance, is it really healthy for our mental health to suffer and our mental health to suffer? ‘Is it not possible to enjoy life?

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Read Camila’s full post here:

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