Buzz Lightyear.  New Disney movie slams for LGBT themes

With a budget of $200 million, Buzz Lightyear has been shown in 4,255 theaters in the United States and 43 markets abroad.

The film grossed $51 million during its weekend premiere in the United States. According to Deadline, this is a minuscule sum, as the production was supposed to earn up to $100 million in its first weekend. “Given that this intellectual property was built on the basis of the Toy Story brand, it is clear that many expected more. Overall, Lightyear did not take off globally: it came to $85.6 million (global – editor). With high estimates of 135 million dollars ”- wrote.

“Buzz Lightyear is an ideological attack”

For the entertainment giant, the premiere of “Lightyear” in cinemas turned out to be a disappointment. All because of the controversial scene in which two women are shown kissing each other. There was talk of the LGBT scene in a children’s movie a few months before the premiere. At that time, many parents and leaders of pro-family associations protested the contents of the movie “Buzz Lightyear”.

The Familia Ecuador says the film is an “ideological attack”. “The fear of not being attacked as anti-gay is outrageous,” the association’s president said on social media. “This is not a movie for all viewers.”

– The child from 4 to 6 years is at the age of imaginative thinking, he believes in unicorns, fairies, Santa Claus. For this reason, some people use this age to present their ideology of gender and homosexuality and try to normalize it, as noted by a lecturer from the University of Navarra and mother of eight, Giuliana Calambrogio in an interview with the ACI Prensa portal. In turn, according to Dominican priest Frey Nelson Medina, “Buzz Lightyear” is part of a mass campaign “aimed at progressively and irreversibly restricting parents’ rights to make decisions about them through the natural right to raise their children.”

Criticisms of the production of ‘light year’

The new Disney and Pixar movie has received criticism on social media. One netizen wrote: “Teaching children the responsibility of parents. At the age of three, they should not watch these scenes.”

“Disney is going the wrong way. Whoever wants to be gay can easily decide that from the age of 18. But up to this point, it is wrong to include content rated as C in films for minors. Institutions that deal with rated films are blind ”we read.

“What is the need for this content in the video? If the video is intended for children, what message do you want to convey?” “The reversal is simple: If we don’t react now that the lesbian scene lasts less than a minute, we’ll soon have full movies that way.” “I have two kids and they are now restricted to watching Disney movies, I’ve unsubscribed from this platform. I don’t agree with the indoctrination they do in their movies.”

The film was banned due to the scene of women kissing in 14 countries where Islam is the main religion. It is uncertain whether “Lightyear” production will be offered in China as well.

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