January 31, 2023


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Butcha.  "The Kadyrovsky family had a torture chamber where they burned people's eyes"

Butcha. “The Kadyrovsky family had a torture chamber where they burned people’s eyes”

On Japonska Street in Bocza Russian soldiers occupy the city They created a “real torture chamber”According to the survivors, the headquarters of the Kadyrofer family were from They burned people’s eyes, cut off parts of their bodies, and tortured to death not only adults but children as well – reported the agency Ukrinform, citing Denisova’s entry on Telegram.

– According to the city authorities, this has been confirmed so far A total of 360 civilians were killed in Bokza, Among them are at least 10 children, said the Ukrainian Ombudsman.

According to Denisua, the Russians were in Mariupol, besieged by Russian forces, in the southeast of Ukraine. They use mobile incinerators extensively To burn the bodies of the dead and cover up the traces of their crimes.

According to the human rights spokeswoman, the Russians collect corpses from the streets and then burn them in crematoriums. Many areas have already been “cleaned” in this way.

The crematorium was located in an industrial area with warehouses, on WoĊ‚odarska Road. – OccupantsThey use huge cold stores to store the bodies – Denisowa Books.

The mayor of the city, Anatoly Fedoruk, said in an interview with the Ukrainian portal Pravda: – Among the inhabitants of Bokza near Kyiv, killed by Russian soldiers, none was from the army.

In an extended interview, the mayor assessed that The Russians began to kill the inhabitants when they realized that they were not going to take Kyiv.

He explained that Bokza had not succeeded in creating territorial defense units before the Russian invasion. The city found itself in the “gray zone”, that is, between the Russian forces and the Ukrainian army, the most important task of which was to prevent the Russians from entering Kyiv. – On March 3, said Fedoruk, Bucha was completely occupied and separated from Kyiv.

Mir Posy thanked the city for humanitarian aid, including aid from Poland.

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