May 28, 2023


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But will the Russians be kicked out of the Games? The “mysterious” entry on the IOC website

from Lausanne The message was widely spread that athletes from Russia and Belarus have the right to participate in international competitions in individual sports. Although the green light was subject to several conditions, the IOC in a long statement also sent a message that it condemns the war in Ukraine, but giving the Russian Federation and the Belarusian regime a dreamy propaganda tool was met with strong reactions.

Will Bach and his comrades kick Russia out of the Olympics after all? “The IOC expressly reserves the right to…”

My opinion is clear from the start: Russians and Belarusians should not be allowed to participate in any sports competition, especially with a strong scale like the Olympic Games. Punishments for attacking one country on another must be painful, and there is no room for half measures here. We know what the halo of the Olympics is, so After all, it is easy to imagine that Russia would take advantage of the significance of the Games to the point of pain – commented “Hot” Tagner.

The topic of the Olympic Games in Paris is still open – and indeed This decision would redefine the International Olympic Committee under the leadership of Thomas Bach. The former German fencer, who suffered from the boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow years ago, offers a reasoning that is clearly supported by a large number of athletes. Because by what right, for example, should several Polish representatives lose the opportunity – perhaps the first, only or last – to win the most important medal of their career and at the same time guarantee a life pension? But precisely, in order to avoid the tragedy of athletes from many countries, The IOC must uphold morality and, on the basis of the highest ideals, deny the right to compete to representatives of these two countries, who have unleashed hell on Europe.It could turn into another world war.

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A few days ago, the Minister of Sports Full BortnikZuk On TVN’s “Fakty po Faktach” he expressed very optimistic expectations about the Olympic Games in Paris. In his opinion, a strong coalition of many countries that will “check” the IOC to the last with a possible boycott will make Bach and the company finally show common sense.

I am sure that Russians and Belarusians will not be allowed to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris. However, as long as there is such a threat, we must be ready to talk about a boycott, because in an extreme scenario, the IOC may have to be put up against the wall, Bortnisuk said.

A decision on this issue must be made in a timely manner, which is not yet precisely determined. Are there any prerequisites for this day? A clue can be seen in the answer to one of the questions in the Q&Awhich relates to new recommendations of the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee to international federations and organizers of international sporting events regarding the participation of athletes holding Russian and Belarusian passports in international competitions.

The first sentence confirmed that the participation of athletes holding Russian and / or Belarusian passports in the Paris Games 2024 was not taken into account either in the consultations or in the deliberations on March 28 this year. But the most interesting part is the next part of this piece. “The IOC expressly reserves the right to decide on their participation in the Games at the appropriate time, even if they are deemed eligible according to the eligibility criteria established by the respective Federations.“.

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Therefore, the official website of the International Olympic Committee expressly acknowledges that the qualifications obtained by the Russians and Belarusians for Paris will not yet determine their start, as Many have already seen a certain Olympic “passport”. So there is a lot of hope…

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee//France Press agency

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