Busko-Zdrj.  A mother and her injured daughter died in the hospital ward.  Father is fighting for life

Local media reports about the difficult situation at Busko-Zdrój Hospital (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship). – We currently have 34 patients, and in the end we can receive 41 people. Unfortunately, cases are getting more and more difficult – says Grzegorz Lasak, director of the facility, in an interview with the portal echodnia.eu. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients go to the hospital.

We note the extreme virulence of these types of virus. This means that the state of health deteriorates very quickly, and there is usually also cystic pneumonitis

– Explains the director.

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Lazak: This woman doesn’t even know that her daughter has recently died

As reported by the facility manager, there are many touching stories in the department. Corona Virus It takes entire families and patients of all ages.

One of our patients is a lady, who will likely come soon to the intensive care unit, where we have three positions to treat COVID-19. This woman does not even know that her fifty-year-old daughter has recently died. We did not pass on this information because we did not want it to be broken. This woman’s husband was also injured in the hospital in Starachovice. Such unpleasant situations happen

– Grzegorz told Lasak the gate. A few hours later it turned out that this story did not have a good ending, because the patient had died. The husband is still fighting for his life in the hospital in Starachovice. There is no more rule getting sick Only the elderly – added.

Forecasts of the fourth wave of the epidemic. In December, up to 40 thousand. daily infections

You can read more about the Corona virus On the Gazeta.pl . website.

Stupira: We have teenagers who are seriously ill

while TVN24 It is worrying that children’s hospitals and coronavirus departments are getting full. Some patients are infected with several viruses at the same time. According to the station, in the Krakow hospital Serumsky left the last places in the children’s Covid ward. Of the 25 beds, 22 are already occupied, and the facility receives information on other people in need. The branch must be expanded.

We have teens who are seriously ill, with significant lung involvement, with shortness of breath, and young children also with critical illness.

– said the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Pediatrics, Lydia Stupera. In addition to respiratory symptoms, children also complain of gastrointestinal symptoms.

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MZ: 10,429 coronavirus cases and 124 deaths. The highest score for the fourth wave

There is also data on possible mileage Epidemic In the next few months. Wrocław University of Science and Technology has prepared a scenario for the development of the fourth wave of the epidemic. Scientists expect that the daily number of cases may reach 40 thousand, and the daily number of deaths may rise to 240 victims. The peak of the wave is expected in the second half of December.

On Wednesday, November 3, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of the largest number of new daily infections during the fourth wave of the Corona virus. That is 10,429 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 124 deaths. There are currently 8,257 coronavirus patients in hospitals, 692 of whom are connected to a ventilator. 256,015 people have been quarantined. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, 3045,102 people have been infected with the Coronavirus, 77,145 people have died, and 2718,452 patients have been admitted to convalescence.

More about the epidemiological situation in Poland On the home page Gazeta.pl.

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