Bushey, Hertfordshire, UK. A 26-year-old man is wanted by police in connection with the murder of three women.

Police are searching for 26-year-old Kyle Clifford after three women were found seriously injured in the town of Bushey, Hertfordshire, on Tuesday evening and died shortly afterwards. British media reported that the victims were the wife and two daughters of BBC sports commentator John Hunt. According to the devices, the 26-year-old could have carried out the attack using a crossbow.

Police were called to a detached house in Ashlyn Close, in the north town of Bushey, Hertfordshire, just before 7pm on Tuesday.

When police arrived at the scene with an ambulance crew, they found three women with “serious injuries.” – Unfortunately, despite all efforts, the women, who were probably related, died shortly after at the scene – said a local police representative.

Police said the victims were aged 25, 28 and 61. Officers said it was a “targeted” attack carried out using a crossbow and possibly other weapons. Local police chief superintendent John Simpson described the incident as “horrific”.

Later, British media, including the BBC and The Telegraph, reported that the victims were the wife and two daughters of BBC equestrian commentator John Hunt.

Main image source: James Manning / PA Photos / Forum

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