Bunyek comments on the dress with a mite.  Ridiculous talk about the Polish representation contract

At the beginning of next year, Paulo Susa About to become a Flamengo coach. The Portuguese must sign a two-year contract – with the option to extend it by one year. He has already spoken with the President about his desire to leave Poland PZPN Cesare Colisa. This is extremely irresponsible behavior and contradicts the coach’s previous statements. That is why I flatly refused – the president wrote on Twitter. The Polish fans waited out loud Zbigniew Boniek. And they lived to see it.

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The contract with Souza is very good. So says Boniek

– Zbigniew Punic It is often said that human resources are the problem of Polish football. In his opinion, there is a shortage of competent and strong people to perform the most important functions. Meanwhile, as president of the Polish Football Association, he worked in resource management. For the last two choices, he chose the trainers that were completely unsuitable for the purpose. Jerzy Brzęczek lacked aptitudes – especially soft ones. Paolo Susie ran out of the rules he talked about so much – Loyalty and Responsibility – Writes in an article on Sport.pl, Daoud Cemzak. On Sunday evening, the former president of the Polish Football Association was a guest of Roman Coton from the Prauda channel. football“.

It’s an imposed consequence: Sousa will get her way. PZPN is in a losing position

But the former president of the Polish Football Association decided that he had not made a mistake in appointing Souza. – I feel strange with this situation. I made him a coach because he’s a smart guy to me. Players bought. In a fatal moment, he took charge of the staff. I put it together. “50 out of 50” came out in a sporty fashion. The minimum task was to advance to the cut-off roles. It worked – told Roman Kołtonia.

According to Sport.pl, the contract of Sousa – PZPN in this specific situation completely protects Sousa, but puts the Polish side in a very difficult situation. It does not stipulate a situation in which the Portuguese wish to terminate the contract – there are no contractual penalties or a possible withdrawal clause. However, if the Polish side wants to dismiss Souza, it will be necessary to pay all his salaries until the end of the contract.

Zbigniew Boniek argues that the contract with the Portuguese could not be different. – The contract is very good, but it does not stipulate the departure of the coach – The vice president evaluated the situation absurdly UEFA (Sousa is the owner of all the cards in his hands, unlike the Polish Football Association, What we wrote here >>). He later clarified that Souza could not take any other job while his contract with the Polish Football Association was in force. Otherwise, it is subject to certain procedures. – There are probably five options for terminating this contract, but there are no penalties. It’s a good deal. Saying that you can introduce a penalty into the contract is absurd – added Boniek.

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Why is there no protection for the interests of the Polish Football Association in the contract? Boniek said that such provisions do not apply, because each coach can pay a certain amount and leave overnight. And in this case, according to Bunyek, the union could keep the Portuguese, but he could not imagine this himself. – If I were president, I would not have imagined more cooperation in this case. We are all deceived no matter what we say. Unfortunately, sometimes this is so in life – said Zbigniew Boniek.

Zbigniew Boniek is also disappointed

– If he only thought of the national team, he would not have asked the coach to act. It hurts me. There is one side here, and he wants to leave because they give him more money. 90% of those who criticize Souza, if they get 3-4 times the cash, are likely to do the same. I am also disappointed. He could have played it differently, that’s a fact. What hurts me most is what he said in interviews on December 14 – Boniek referred to the Portuguese’s assurances that he intends to lead Poland to the World Cup in Qatar.

But later, the UEFA vice president added that Sousa may have wanted to stay with the national team in mid-December. He wondered if Flamengo’s proposal came later. However, he stated that the Portuguese had taken a compromising move. – I’m not broken, I was when we lost to Slovakia. I haven’t been president since August 18. I didn’t talk to him. I don’t know if there are bad relations with the Polish Football Association. Even if it wasn’t the relationship’s fault – Zbigniew Boniek commented.

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Many people accused Bońek of agreeing that Sousa would not have to live in Poland. His fault was also the fact that Paulo did not watch the matches Ekstraklasa. – I saw him at matches in Szczecin, Pozna, in the Polish Cup and the Super Cup. Today we live in a world where we cannot hire a foreign coach to live in Poland. Why? Supposed to stay home six days? The 65-year-old replied.

Bonyak emphasized that despite all the confusion, he had no regrets about hiring Souza. Now he is also looking for the positives of the current situation. – Maybe that’s better? I will not cry. Maybe a better boss will come? Maybe he will win the playoffs and that will be his success. If not, then the world would not collapse – the former head of Polish football emphasized. In life, it is always the case that when you make an important decision under the influence of money, it never brings you happiness – he concluded.

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