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One of the most successful bands of all time, it has been a hit Army With their personalities and their wonderful musical statement. Your fan base has had the opportunity to learn about the coexistence of members and their behaviors, but which of them would be the most jealous?

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Jealousy is a natural thing in any kind of relationship and only takes on a negative connotation when the behavior has negative and aggressive attitudes. Each zodiac sign acts differently for jealousy in their personal relationships, and astrologers point out that experts can determine individuals’ behavior and attitudes in different situations.

Each of the members Ponton They have a strange charm and they have a close relationship Army, Other activities with numerous objects that record their travel, competition, tour, registration, etc. This time, we will develop the behavior of BTS boys based on their respective zodiac signs. How much do you know about your dependent personality?

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Ponton zodiac signs and jealousy

Let’s start from the highest to the lowest: Jin Sagittarius, Sukha Pisces, J-Hope is Aquarius, RM is Virgo, Jim is Libra, V is Capricorn and the youngest of them, Junguk Virgo. According to zodiac tables and experts, the most envious signs are: Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, Capricorn and Leo. Only two of the BTS comrades fit into the category.

Kim Tahyung, also known as V, was born on December 30, 1995, and is a Capricorn. Very calm, quiet, determined and identified with hard work, with a strong intuitive power. What leads you to express your jealousy in a suspicious situation. Let’s not forget that V is very charming and charismatic, but he can be very distant when he starts to do so.

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V is very reserved, chameleon and known for being an excellent platform. Although described as a very jealous sign, Capricorns are generally not agitated and weigh their results. Among the qualities of Capricorn are perseverance, patience and a good sense of humor.

Here is a video of some of V’s reactions:

Min Yungi, better known around the world as Suka, was born on March 9, 1993, in Pisces. The rapper will be introverted, responsible, attentive, and caring. We have seen many times his role as the second older brother of the other BTS after Jin. Pisces is the second sign of being very jealous, it is believed that Pisces will analyze the situation with the most pessimism and jealousy.

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Yongi has many symbolic qualities of a fish, the idol is very kind, compassionate and trustworthy person. Unlike Pisces, Suka is not emotional, yet he does not seem to want to show his feelings; It looks pure, because he is a very pleasant and emotional person. Other members of the BTS were able to melt that shallow shell over and over again and make a lot of fun of it.

We are sharing a video that summarizes Suka’s personality:

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