BTS Live |  Concert, "Permission to dance on stage": Where to look from Los Angeles |  Lights

‘Permission to dance on stage’ online streaming schedule today, November 28th Concert 7:30 pm (USA – Los Angeles Time) | In countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala: 9:30 pm | Colombia, Peru and Ecuador: 10:30 pm Bolivia and Venezuela: 11:30 pm | Argentina, Brazil and Chile: 12:30 am | Spain: 4:30 am | South Korea: 12:30 p.m.

All ready for tonight’s concert

This is how the preview is broadcast on social networks

Sound Verification Day 2, V greets the Army:

More photos of Ponton at the press conference this afternoon:

Piece of aircraft pt. 2, the song from the album Love Yourself: Dear

Sound Check’s FunCam video has been released. In the sound check you can see that the BTS comrades are wearing unusual clothes:

Pictures of J-Hope and Dane in the sound check:

Report of the Armies who participated in the sound check (some topics from today’s concert set):

Photos of Jung taken at today’s sound check, Day 2 of Permission to Dance on Stage:

Pictures of Pangdan at today’s conference:

ARMY shares some fun moments from the first day of “Permission to Dance on Stage”:

One of the best moments of permission to dance on Stage Day 1. The boys of BTS met rapper Anderson Bagh.

ARMY is responsible for establishing time differences to watch the BTS press conference:

BTS Event Schedule for Day 2 today at SoFi Stadium: 5 pm (Peru time) A press conference in Punton | Today’s recording will take place from 7.30pm to 8pm and finally, the concert will start at 10:30 pm | Check out the different tables in the first post.

Sound verification times, Which lasts an average of 30 minutes: It takes place at 5:30 pm (US time – Los Angeles) | In countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala: 7:30 pm | Colombia, Peru and Ecuador: 8:30 pm Bolivia and Venezuela: 9:30 pm | Argentina, Brazil and Chile: 10:30 pm | Spain: 4:30 am | South Korea: 10:30 p.m.

What are the ticket prices for airing the concert online at Weavers? Keep in mind that prices vary depending on the mode you choose: the regular price of 4K limited view (with ARMY members) at $ 50.30 is available at $ 55.30 and HD multiview and single view at $ 46.10. Available at the Weavers store, the official Pantone store.

Can’t buy a ticket? Peace / Oh! HYBE offers a virtual live presentation of the BTS concert in Los Angeles, you can join the concert from home. Tickets can be purchased at the Weverse Store. This last presentation will air on December 2, online only.

BTS continues to be a global success after the epidemic Rated performance of each concert presented by the South Korean band In California About 70 thousand people a day.

The first show presented Ponton, Yesterday, November 27, emotionally reunited between ARMY and BTS at a concert two years after the band ceased to perform face-to-face due to Kovit-19.

The arrival of ARMY was announced a few hours before the concert. BTS Phantom had the opportunity to organize and photograph outside the stadium:

Permission to dance on stage: B.D.S. Announced four live concert dates in Los Angeles, California. The first two presentations are scheduled for November 27th and 28th, and the rest for Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd.

Where does the concert take place? The second Bangton show in Los Angeles takes place today at the Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles, USA. Located exactly in Inglewood, LA – 1001 Stadium Dr, Inglewood, CA 90301, USA.

Good morning, let’s start with Minute by minute The 2nd day of the concert in LA and the next dates for the BTS concert were announced “Permission to dance on stage” Today, Sunday, November 28th.

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