Bruce Lee fell asleep and never woke up.  Strange what happened to his brain
  • Bruce Lee starred in nearly 20 Chinese movies as a child
  • The actor is known, among other things, from productions such as “Furious Fists”, “Longstreet” or “Enter the Dragon”
  • The martial artist died suddenly on July 20, 1973 from brain swelling at the age of 33
  • Some fans still don’t believe in his death or blame third parties for it
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Bruce Lee From an early age he dealt with acting. He first appeared on a glass screen in his father’s hand when he was only three months old. As a young child, he starred in nearly 20 Chinese films, in which he often showed his dancing skills. As a child, the Hong Kong-American actor spent a lot of time training martial arts, especially kung fu, as he quickly became a master.

It was kung fu that later brought him the greatest fame on the big screen.

Acting, directing, mastering belts in martial arts – it all led to Mine to the top. The kung fu master has starred in several film and television productions. Action movies were his specialty. The actor is known, among other things, from such productions as “The Way of the Dragon”, “Angry Fists”, “Long Street” or the cult “Enter the Dragon”. The premieres of the aforementioned latest films – which also brought the martial arts master the greatest fame – Unfortunately, Lee did not live to see him.

the actor He died at the age of 33, six days before the event. The circumstances of his death still arouse many emotions.

The last production that Lee starred in took a lot of effort from him. In Ascension of the Dragon, hailed as one of the best action movies of all time, the actor made hand strikes so fast that the camera sometimes couldn’t keep up. Due to great effort and extremely high temperatures in the summer of 1973 in Hong Kong, the martial artist quickly lost 10 kg.

Bruce Lee in the cult film “Dragon’s Doorway” – Cinema Heritage Collection / Hollywood Archives / PAP

On May 10, 1973, while recording dialogues for the film, the 33-year-old fainted and had to be taken to the hospital. There, doctors diagnosed him with edema of the brain. Specialists managed to control it thanks to the drug to reduce pressure. Since then, the actor began to suffer from more and more headaches.

However, Lee did not attach much importance to it.

Bruce Lee in the frame with "Dragon Entrances"Bruce Lee in a frame from “Wejście dragon” – Cinema Legacy Collection / The Hollywood Archive / PAP

On July 20, just over two months after these events, the 33-year-old decided to visit fellow actress Betty Ting Pei. Then close friends wanted to review the scripts of one of the products that were to be produced in the near future. At some point, the actor again began to complain of a very strong headache. Then his friend gave him Equasic, a popular drug containing aspirin and a sedative. After taking the pill, the martial artist decided to go to bed, while Ting Pei went to meet her partner, who was also Lee’s friend.

Bruce Lee in his last roleBruce Lee in his last role – Cinema Legacy Collection / The Hollywood Archive / PAP

From a nap the 33-year-old took on that hot day, he never woke up again. When his friend came home, the star Action movies He did not respond to any stimuli. After an unsuccessful resuscitation attempt, Lee was taken to a hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. At the autopsy it was found that the cause of the death of the actor was cerebral edema.

The fluid that accumulated in the skull caused his brain to grow by as much as 13%.

One of the reasons why Bruce Lee developed such severe cerebral edema was the allergic reaction he had after taking Aquasec. Although this procedure was given to him by his friend, she did not take responsibility and considered the accident an accident. This, however, caused a flood of conspiracy theories about the actor’s death.

Chuck Norris, who was a friend of mine, assumed that the martial artist’s body reacted to the muscle relaxants the 33-year-old was supposed to be taking regularly. There was also a rumor about an alleged quarrel with a prostitute, in which the actor was caught under the influence of an aphrodisiac, which made him lose control of his behavior. Then the woman was supposed to kill him in self-defence.

Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in the movie "The way of the dragon"Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in “The Way of the Dragon” – Golden Harvest Company Ltd. / PAP

Some of Li’s fans accused Ting Pei of intentionally giving a martial artist a lethal dose of the drug. In their opinion an actress She was supposed to work for a secret society that wanted the death of an action star. Other theories blamed the killing on the Chinese, Italian and American mafia, as well as its fans.

There were also voices saying that there was a curse on the Li family. It was the result of the fact that the son of martial artist Brandon, who followed in his footsteps in acting, He also died suddenly in a movie set.

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