Bruce Lee - Ang Lee behind the biopic, Mason Lee in the main role
It is owned by Sony 3000 Pictures and is a biopic of martial arts legend and pop culture icon – Bruce Lee. The film is directed by two-time Academy Award winner Ang Lee and stars his son, Mason Lee.

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Hollywood biography of Bruce Lee – what do we know about it?

Ang Lee’s credits include “Life of Pi,” “Hulk,” “Brokeback Mountain,” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” Bennett Miller’s “Capote” and “Foxcatcher” co-creator Dan Futterman will write the screenplay. Previously worked on by Jan Castelli, Alex Low, and Mabel Cheung.

Not accepted as an American and a Chinese, Bruce Lee was a symbolic bridge between East and West. He introduced kung fu to the world, he was a martial arts scholar as well as an exceptional artist. He revolutionized not only martial arts but also cinema – The director said in an interview with Gateway Deadline- I feel like I have to tell this story. He told of this remarkable and unique man who, despite his insignificant status, had extraordinary strength. And who, thanks to incredibly hard work, turned his dreams into reality.

The director and his son have been preparing for this project for three years. Mason, one of the most promising actors from the younger generation, practiced the role during the lockdown. His credits include The Hangover in Bangkok, as well as the award-winning drama Limbo and Who Killed Cock Robin.

Bruce Lee – Death of a Legend

Lee was born in 1940 in San Francisco. At the age of six, he went to Hong Kong, where he learned martial arts. He also made his cinema debut there. He became a star thanks to the movies “Fist of Fury”And the “Way of the Dragon” And the “enter the dragon”. He did not live to see the premiere of the latter – he died under mysterious circumstances in 1973. Lee’s death has been the subject of countless theories for decades – not just medical ones. Among the most popular are those of an assassination ordered by the Triad (for striking the son of one of his superiors), a vengeful lover, his less vengeful business partner Raymond Zhao, an ancient curse, and a secret Chinese technique called “death”. Touch” – in this case it’s punishment for sharing the secrets of Jeet Kune Do with the world. You can learn more about the pop culture craze from the documentary “Bruce Lee – it’s me”:

Recently, based on the results of the autopsy conducted after the death of the star on July 20, 1973, Spanish scientists determined that 32-year-old Lee probably died of hyponatremia, that is, a lack of sodium in the body. Thirst-enhancing marijuana, kidney-damaging alcohol, painkillers, and sedatives were supposed to render the body unable to excrete the massive amounts of water the actor had swallowed. “Disruption of water and electrolyte homeostasis can lead to hypopigmentation and cerebral edema, which in turn can lead to death.”

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