Britney Spears’ father calls for an end to the singer’s safety

(Los Angeles) Britney Spears’ father officially asked the courts on Tuesday to end the guardian action that has kept the American singer in custody for more than 13 years, in order to manage her personal life and her financial affairs, U.S. media reports.

Criticized by Britney Spears, she launched a high-profile legal attack so she can no longer say in her life that Jamie Spears agreed to give up being the defender of the pop star last month. He then wanted to “work with the court and his daughter’s new lawyer to prepare for a smooth transition to a new defense.”

It was a huge success for the 39-year-old singer, and a turning point for the first person to challenge the legal action initiated by Britney Spears to withdraw this controversial practice. The move gives her father full control over her finances since 2008, when the singer raised concerns about her mental health after joining a high descent into hell.

Jamie Spears’ second breakthrough Tuesday: According to the American media, citing new court documents filed in the Los Angeles court responsible for prosecuting the case, he now believes his daughter “has the right to ask the court to seriously consider whether this action needs a guardian.”

In this petition, Jamie Spears says he supports the lifting of the Guardian measures altogether, as requested by his daughter during the summer.

The document further states that Britney Spears was not compelled to make a new psychological assessment of this document.

For about twenty minutes, speaking unhindered by the fast flow, Britney Spears promised that she would have to take medication to control her behavior and that she would not be empowered to make decisions related to her friendship or finances. Remove an IUD when she wants to have more children.

“I want to get my life back, it’s been 13 years, that’s enough,” she pleaded.

The trusteeship helped Miss Spears overcome a major crisis in her life, recover and advance her career and keep her finances and affairs in order. But lately, things have changed. ”

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