British scientists are asking for help in searching for a meteorite that fell in western England

A meteorite fall was recorded on the night of April 13-14 near the town of Shrewsbury in western England. The search for its fragments has not yet succeeded, so the scientists appealed to residents of neighboring cities for help.

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Easter Members of the UK Fireball Alliance – an organization that brings together scientists and enthusiasts to monitor and explore meteorites – They have spent searching for lands south of the English city of Shrewsbury, where they believe a meteorite fell last week.

Local auto stations, or cameras that record unusual glows in the sky, recorded a streak of light on the night of April 13-14, indicating the fall of the meteor. If such a glow is captured by multiple cameras, it can be used to calculate where the cosmic rocks have fallen.

However, finding the meteorite may not be easy. The marked area is an ellipse several kilometers long and wide, as well as between fields.

Research by meteorite hunters is so far fruitless, so scientists have turned to the local community for help.

“Maybe shiny, black or brown. The darker paint may crack in some places. The larger pieces will be about the size of an egg. They can be found in places where stones are not normally seen, for example on a lawn or path” – describes meteorite professor Katie Joy from the University of Manchester’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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Meteorites – pieces of cosmic rock that fell to Earth – are of great interest to scientists as samples of cosmic matter that provide information about the history and structure of the universe.. Due to their rarity and uniqueness, meteorites are also a true collector’s treat.

Its fragments can command high prices, as well as related artifacts, such as things damaged by stones falling from the sky, because such things also happen. For example, in 2011, in the village of Sołtmany near Giżycko, a falling meteorite broke through the roof of the outbuilding and crashed into a concrete staircase. These samples are called hammers.

Looking for a needle in a haystack

However, the meteorite that was searched near Shrewsbury probably does not belong, as it would probably attract someone’s attention. Dr Luke Daly of the University of Glasgow suspects that a meteorite weighing about 500 grams fell to Earth south of the city and may have split into four pieces. “Given the amount of rapeseed crops of wheat and oilseeds in this region, we are looking for a needle in a haystack” – says the world.

However, Professor Joy believes in the research’s success. Therefore, the person who finds the meteorite is asked not to touch it with his bare hands so as not to contaminate it. It also adds Scientists will be happy to look at any seemingly unusual find, but caution against taking risks or entering dangerous places while searching.

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