Brigitte Bardot without filter on her loneliness: “I spent dark and difficult years”

“My life is a puzzle. Unpredictable, full of ups and downs. I embrace it.” These words by Brigitte Bardot are from the magazine Paris competitionwho devoted a special issue to him Bardot, the personal album of an icon, released this Friday, June 28. Inside, the icon of French cinema, 89 years old, spoke in a long interview about his life, his loves, his career, the fight for animals, but also the most difficult moments, especially when he chose to draw a line under the seventh art. .

Between his decision to stop touring and the creation of his foundation, many years passed. Sources of difficult years and loneliness, who recently released an album, revealed to his friend of many years, Christian Brincourt. “I’ve spent some dark and difficult years alone, I’ve had breast cancer, dark birthdays, crying Christmases…”One who rarely sees her great-grandchildren even reveals a anecdote that shows her discomfort at the time: “I even remember the ‘friend’ paying me to pick me up in Basochchi. I couldn’t bear it. Then I met Bernard. [d’Ormale, avec qui elle s’est mariée en 1992].”

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Brigitte Bardot, Money in the Cinema

He became an icon of French cinema after his appearance God… created woman In 1956, Brigitte Bardot decided to leave the seventh art in 1973. His last film will remain the same. A very good and very happy story of the Collinot shirt-case By Nina Company. Then, tired of this world, she withdrew. From that moment on, she did not mince her words to her friend: “I came to the cinema at the right time, overcoming all obstacles, and left it at the right time when it broke down and turned miserable.” She agreed to talk about how she saw herself on screen during this period: “That’s too far! Even if I wasn’t an actress at heart, I was still a good actress, because what did I seriously understand?”, she said. Idolized around the world, Brigitte Bardot revealed that if it honors her, it doesn’t make her. “There is no joy in living[elle est ]Sadness”. The man who has been in poor health in recent months, at least, hasn’t lost his expressiveness!

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