Brigitte Bardot lost touch and worried

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Alain Delon, who has now been placed under enhanced protection for two months, lives cut off from the world at his home in Douchi. Even his friend Brigitte Bardot worries about his fate as she has difficulty getting messages from him.

They may not have seen each other for years, but Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot were good friends from afar. So, from afar, from her hometown of Médrac in Saint-Tropez, the former actress follows the setbacks of her former shooting partner, weakened by illness and family tensions.

“Not only do I think of him, but unfortunately, I think he’s surrounded very badly,” Brigitte Bardot commented on the microphone. RTLthis Friday, June 7. “I think he’s going to need a lot of love, understanding and tenderness,” said the 89-year-old star, who shares her passion for animal welfare with the actor.

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BB also explained that it is now difficult for him to communicate with his friend, who was nothing but friendship: “We don’t talk to Alain, it is forbidden to talk to Alain. But, we can hear from him from time to time […]. We adore each other and I adore Alain. He is like a brother to me. What happens to him affects me deeply. I am in pain,” she wailed.

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Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot on TV in 2003.


Already in January, Brigitte Bardot expressed her displeasure following media reports about the conflict between Alain Delon’s children: “It is regrettably normal to spoil the image of Alain, a classic icon representing France! »

Alain Delon under reinforced guard for two months

Suffering a stroke in 2019 and then cancer, Alain Delon found himself so physically and psychologically frail at age 88 that his three children set aside their legal standing to request increased guardianship. The request was granted by the Montarquis court last April.

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Although they disagree with their father’s medical care, Anthony, Anocha and Alain-Fabian Delon take turns at his bedside in his beloved home in Ducey (Loire). During the visits they take a photo of the actor and share it with his fans.

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