Bright Memory Infinite may debut on Xbox Series X |  S and PC in 2021. Port work in progress

At the end of 2021, Xbox Series X owners | S watch another very interesting production. The creators of Bright Memory Infinite have confirmed that they are still preparing for a console release and that we could see a great show soon.

Bright Memory Infinite has been an exciting player for several months because the situation is being prepared by Chinese FYQD Studio It looks impressive on literally any material. The creators want to provide a dynamic action in which players can use the katana, guns and the special power of the main character.

Earlier, Bright Memory Infinite was dated to 2021, but we haven’t yet received final details for the premiere – plus, the game hasn’t been promoted in recent events, so we can doubt it’ll be another item that won’t debut in 2021. .

However, the creators emphasized that in this case there is still a lot of change and Final release details will be revealed when Bright Memory Infinite is ported to consoles. According to plans, the title will debut on the market in 2021.

Currently, Bright Memory Infinite is coming exclusively to Xbox Series X | S and PC.

Bright Memory Infinite - 2

Bright Memory Infinite - 3


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