Brazil: Plane crash in the Amazon.  14 people died

The Embraer PT-SOG tragedy occurred in Barcelos province, about 400 kilometers from the state capital of Manaus.

“I am deeply sorry for this 12 passengers and two crew members died Who died on Saturday in a plane crash in Barcelos. “Our teams immediately began providing the necessary support,” Gov. Wilson Lima wrote on X.

Brazil. 14 people died in the plane crash

The Manaus Aerotaxi airline, which owns the plane, confirmed the accident The causes and circumstances are being investigatedBut it did not provide information about the victims. He added that more information will be provided as the investigation progresses.

The statement, quoted by Reuters, said: “We rely on respecting the privacy of those involved during this difficult time and will remain available to provide any necessary information and updates as the investigation progresses.”

A video clip appeared on social media showing the wreckage of a plane that crashed near the bush. There is a lot of mud around, and many people standing with an open umbrella.

According to information from CNN Brazil. The disaster occurred due to bad weather conditionsIt was raining heavily during the landing approach.

According to Brazilian media, the passengers included foreigners, including American citizens. Other sources say that only Brazilians were on board the plane. Bloomberg also adds. The travelers were going fishing.

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