Brazil.  Cardinal Claudio Homes died.  He is a friend of Pope Francis

The Cardinal, the current Archbishop of São Paulo, reported the clergyman’s death Odilo Pedro Scherer.

Claudio Homes He has been the Archbishop of São Paulo nominated by John Paul II since 1998. Three years later The Polish Pope elevated him to the dignity of a Cardinal.

in 2006 Benedict XVI appointed him president of the Congregation for the Clergy. He held this position until 2010.

Cardinal Claudio Hammes He was also a friend of the current Pope. Francis spoke about the role the clergyman played during the conclave in March 2013, when he was elected. They were both sitting side by side from the Sistine Chapel.

When the vote reached two-thirds and began to turn dangerous, Cardinal Homs hugged and kissed me and said: “Don’t forget the poor.”. Then I immediately thought of Francis of Assisi, the Pope recalls, explaining his reasons for choosing the name.


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