Brazil: Accident at a subway station.  The 82-year-old died on the podium

The incident occurred on October 22, 2022, and a lawsuit has been filed against him Rio metro. New facts come to light.

The family of the deceased He accuses the company of not complying with safety procedures. The main evidence in the case is the secure video from the security cameras.

The materials obtained by the portal show how a pensioner tries to get on the bandwagon at the last moment. The man’s hand is stuck in the door a The 82-year-old is unable to free himself.

After a while, the station lights change from red to green, and the train starts moving. The big one almost instantly loses his balance, and then he is dragged along the platform for several tens of meters. Eyewitnesses also showed that the 82-year-old slid into the gap between the platform and the car, and then suffered very serious injuries.

Due to the rough nature of the recording, we decided against it Don’t post it completely.

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