Borderlands 3 for free on the Epic Games Store

Do you have Borderlands 3 in your collections? If this is not the case, then this is an opportunity to make up for this situation and at the same time not reduce your wallet even by an amount of zlotys.

Borderlands 3 for free on the Epic Games Store

Thursday, i.e. in the Epic Games Store, the promotional offer for distributed games was periodically updated. This time the address was kept a secret while indicating that something had to wait. In fact, it wasn’t just a thing. The store presents Borderlands 3, a shooting game by Gearbox Software studio, which premiered in 2019.

Although we are talking about an actor of the series, which does not require a close introduction, but if someone has any flaws, you will find out all the details from our Borderlands 3 review. The offer is valid for a week, the game is available for free until May 26, 17:00 our time.

Epic Games Store has more visits

The ability to get Borderlands 3 for free isn’t the only good news for promotional hunters. The store just launched the MEGA Sale, according to which you can count on purchases with a 25% discount (for purchases of full versions of games for at least PLN 59.99) and discounts up to 75% on selected items of the store offer. There is plenty of time to shop at lower prices, and the sale will continue until June 16th.

Part of the work is the Vault where the free games are landed. The first is Borderlands 3, but it’s easy to calculate that there will be three more. The managers of the Epic Games Store promise that these will be “highly trending and popular games”.

Source: Epic Games Store

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