Boeing Starliner.  Failure in orbit.  A ship with astronauts stuck in space

The return of the Boeing Starliner spacecraft to Earth has been postponed. It is currently in orbit, where technical checks are being carried out for its faults. As it turned out, there were five failures of 28 maneuvering engines and five helium leaks. But NASA confirms that the situation is under control.

The first mission of the Boeing Starliner With the participation of two astronauts, it was extended again. It will be docked International Space Station (ISS) at least Until July 2that is, approximately A week longer than originally planned. The ship was supposed to return to Earth June 26.

As she said NASAextra days have It evaluates the technical condition Several items caused minor problems on board. It is scheduled to be held on June 24 and July 2 Spacewalk.

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– We want our decision-making process to be based on what we have observed Minor leaks of helium system and thruster performance Data driven. “We are taking our time and following our standard procedures,” he told on Friday. Steve Stitchdirector of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

He also confirmed that The ship is working properlyThe crew does not have to return to Earth because there are plenty of supplies in orbit.

The Starliner ship is stuck in orbit. The reason is technical problems

Testing of Boeing’s manned spacecraft represents the latest step towards this Obtaining clearance from NASA for the space transportation system. Once Starliner is approved for routine flights, it will become the second American spacecraft capable of carrying astronauts to and from the International Space Station. currently SpaceX Dragon Crew It is the only NASA space capsule to have made such flights.

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Two American astronauts participated in the crew test: Butch Wilmore and Sonny Williams. Previously, the Starliner was sent into space twice – the first time in 2019. This happened during testing Five failures of 28 maneuvering engines and five helium leaks. But Stitch is optimistic. He pointed out that the obstacles he faced were “valuable information” In system updates for future missions.

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