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If you think that this is evidence of the interference of extraterrestrial life forms in the work of the blue planet, then unfortunately we should worry you. Everything indicates that there are two phenomena that are not related to the eternal one.

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It is not clear who exactly took the photo, although it has been officially shared by NASA. The first spot that appears in the lower part of the image is the traces of lightning in the Gulf of Thailand. Such discharges are usually difficult to see from the International Space Station due to the presence of clouds. However, in this case, the sky was clear enough to see the effect.

It turns out that the blue spots visible from the International Space Station are associated with two different phenomena

The second object appears in blue in the upper right corner of the image due to the presence of light reflecting off the moon. The Silver Globe’s direction to the International Space Station causes sunlight to pass directly through our planet’s atmosphere. Some of this light is scattered, which in turn causes a characteristic glow.

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Since individual colors have different wavelengths, their interactions with molecules in the atmosphere occur in different ways. Blue light has the shortest wavelength, which increases the chances of it scattering. The same effect is responsible for the sky appearing blue during the day. In other words, the blue wavelengths of sunlight are more scattered and are more visible to the human eye.

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